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20 Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff - Random Photoshoots and "Fly" music video.

» Credit? Yes, it's a must. You can credit an icon by putting audio_icons @ courtesan_icons in your Keywords or Comments. I don't allow you to put it in just your User Information, so don't ask. You can credit a larger graphic by putting audio_icons @ courtesan_icons in your User Information. I don't allow hover credits, don't ask.
» Comment? Yes, please. I would like to know what icons you use so I can look to them for reference as to what kind of icons to make for you again. I also like to know who is using my stuff.
» Direct Link? Nope! Not allowed. I pay for my space so I can use it. If I find out you direct link, I turn you in for theft. :)

Blank avatars are not bases.

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