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courtesan_icons's Journal

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All Members , Moderated

courtesan_icons is owned and runned by the glam bearseatbeets and the fab fuckyeah. This is their second icon community together; their other one can be found at mawkish_designs, focusing on anime, manga, and other...stuff. This one that you're at the moment however, focuses on celebrities, singers, shows, whatever is hot at the moment.

This community is also a private community. There might be public posts from time to time, but most of them are going to be locked. To see the locked posts, you must join. We'll add you as soon as possible, but make sure you friend us at well, though we don't add you back.

1. Any post you make here must be locked. Anything otherwise will be deleted.
2. Do NOT post your own icons here, or you will be banned.
3. Proper credit is needed whenever you use any of our icons. Credit tutorial
4. Do not make a post asking for a request. Wait until one of us offers to do requests, and then make sure you have a pic, desired dimensions, color scheme, font, text, and any other effects.
5. Before making a post asking what font we used or an effect on a icon, check the memories, for sometimes we might post tutorials.
6. No advertising or soliciting for other communities, no matter how relevant. Go to a promoting community for that.